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Tieline Report-IT

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Product code: Tieline Report-IT

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Quick Overview:

The multi award winning Report-IT has revolutionised newsgathering and live remote broadcasts to ensure you can go live first


Report-IT changes everything - will YOU be First to Report Live?

------------ iPhone 5

The multi award winning Report-IT has revolutionised newsgathering and live remote broadcasts to ensure you can go live first!

Report-IT turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into a pocket-sized portable 15kHz live IP audio codec and ultra-slim high fidelity 20kHz audio recorder. 

At the touch of a button broadcast live IP audio over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi from any remote location to a Tieline IP codec in the studio. Perfect for remote broadcasts, live reports or two-way interviews, simply connect earphones to your phone and hear studio communications and program audio in real-time while broadcasting.

  • Broadcast 15kHz live two-way interviews with the studio at the touch of a single button.
  • Use the high quality mic on your iPhone or Android smartphone to prerecord up to 20kHz quality high fidelity audio, then file reports via FTP automatically.
  • Prerecord interviews, trim them offline, then build a playlist and insert them as “wraparounds” into live crosses with the studio.
  • Attach a professional dynamic mic to your phone using a compatible third party microphone adapter cable.
Radio/TV Reporters, Announcers and News Hounds. 
Try the best iPhone App for Reporters Free today!
Broadcast HD quality audio from your iPhone live to air. Deliver news sports, interviews and events live on location to listeners and viewers.
Forget all of those tangled cables and heavy field recorders. Toss those tired old codecs that will only connect over ISDN or leased lines to get your story out. Now Report-IT Live for iPhone lets you can carry a professional IP audio codec and newsgathering digital recorder in your pocket! 
--- Radio Pick Hit Award 2010

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Android app on Google Play

--- Cool Stuff Award 2010

* Price 399,- euro  is for a 10 users Live & for a 100 installs on different phone,s


  • One-touch connections with the ability to view connection statistics and renegotiate connection bit-rates
  • Bidirectional 15kHz mono audio at low bit rates, supporting live two-way interviews and communications
  • Report Live, Record a Report, or Report Live and Record simultaneously
  • Store, play back and edit recording details
  • Export recordings using live streaming to a Tieline studio codec 
  • Share 20kHz recordings via FTP file transfer
  • Insert pre-recorded grabs and interviews while you are broadcasting live to the studio
  • Audio Editing: Top and tail, or highlight and save only the best elements of your audio recording for live playout or FTP transfer
  • Supports integration of the TwistedWave or Nétia iSnippet audio editing apps (Apple devices only)
  • Use any compatible Android app where applicable.
  • Support for Opus encoding
  • Includes Burli and Nétia Radio-Assist file sharing compatibility.

*Android is a trademark of Google Inc ** Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc

*Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc



Where others have failed, Report-IT has succeeded...

Others have tried, however Tieline was the first and is still the only codec manufacturer to succeed in creating a smartphone codec app, which delivers technology normally reserved for full-featured hardware codecs. Tieline's Report-IT Enterprise app features:

  • Automated IP packet jitter buffering via Tieline's SmartStream IP technology.
  • The low delay Opus and Tieline Music coding algorithms, offering 15kHz quality at bit rates as low as 24kbps!
  • Fast, secure and flexible deployment with full remote control of every user account from anywhere with an internet connection.

Report-IT also supports:

  • Burli and Nétia Radio-Assist ingest and content management software.
  • TwistedWave or Nétia iSnippet audio editing apps for iPhone, or any compatible Android editing apps.

Why choose Report-IT over SIP-based smartphone apps, or rebadged SIP smartphone apps from other codec manufacturers?

  ------------ Radio Monaco

Many customers try SIP-based apps and dump them in favor of Report-IT because:

  • SIP smartphone apps are often unreliable due to a lack of IP buffering technology.
  • People without technical knowledge find them difficult to use, and let's face it, engineers have better things to do with their day than take call after call from reporters and act like a support desk!
  • Many Telcos block the SIP ports used by these SIP-based smartphone apps creating connection difficulties.
  • G.722 requires much higher connection bit-rates (minimum of 64kbps plus IP overheads) to connect and this can be difficult over wireless networks.
  • AAC-HE has a 128ms algorithmic delay plus IP overheads, making bidirectional communications difficult.

Beware of imitations!


Click to hear an audio sample of Report-IT versus cell phone quality

There are two different Report-IT applications:

Report-IT Live (Apple)

Click to read more

Report-IT Enterprise (Apple and Android)

--------- IIP Audio Enterprise Edition logo

  • For freelancers and Independent journalists
  • All settings managed within the app on the phone itself
  • Basic app provides 2 hours of ‘live-time’
  • In-app upgrade to Pro version for unlimited ‘live-time’ and other features
  • No annual subscription fee
  • Purchase Report-IT Live from the App Store
  • Cloud-based solution with an emphasis on simplicity
  • Reporters and contributors install the free app from the App Store or Google Play; enter a username and password and go live in seconds! (requires annual subscription; See How to Buy Report-IT Enterprise)
  • Scalable to suit the specific needs of small, medium or large organisations
  • Manage all users in the cloud from anywhere using the Free TieServer
  • Console app (Apple or Android versions), or optional PC/Mac TieServer
  • Console web-browser GUI for an additional low annual subscription fee
  • Powered by Tieline’s globally redundant TieServer network

--------- Find Out More

--------- Find Out MoreClick to find out more and try FREE today!


Why do Program Directors Love Report-IT?

  ------------ Todd Scott with Report-IT   

Program directors love the flexibility Report-IT delivers:

  • Go live from an event or a sponsor’s business at the touch of a button.
  • Perform live or tape sync interviews with politicians and famous people, or
  • Record voice spots remotely!

Consider a scenario where no journalists or edit booths are available and you need to go live with a news flash, or interview someone famous or important. With Report-IT Enterprise you can ask any remote talent to simply download the app onto their smartphone for free, enter a username and password set by your station engineer, hit ‘connect’ and be interviewed live by the studio in seconds!

Report-IT is great for repackaging content…

We've been asked, "what if a live or pre-recorded interview experiences wireless network dropouts?" No problem, simply configure Report-IT to record talent audio onto the phone by default when you are interviewing them. Send the flawless 20kHz recording to the studio after the interview at the touch of a single button for editing or repackaging. Now that's cool!

Why do Engineers Love Report-IT?

  --- Antonio Mendes

Engineers love Report-IT Enterprise because they can configure connection settings for all users remotely from anywhere with an internet connection! Report-IT Enterprise also delivers:

  • Rock solid password security logins via TieServer, never exposing IP infrastructure details like ports and IP addresses to reporters and contributors.
  • High fidelity 15kHz program audio quality plus 15kHz mix-minus IFB return audio.
  • The ability to turn off the return path from the studio to increase reliability and save on data costs.
  • The ability to edit recordings using 3rd party applications.
  • Locally recorded reports stored in high quality native digital WAV format, delivering superb 20kHz quality recordings.

Poor cell-phone audio quality is a thing of the past because iPhones and most Android smartphones have very high quality inbuilt microphones capable of delivering high fidelity live audio and recordings. You can also attach a professional dynamic mic to your phone using a compatible third party microphone adapter cable.

Your accountant will love it too! Report-IT Live delivers the most affordable professional wireless IP audio codec and recorder solution on the market today – so it's great for the capital expenditure bottom-line.

  • Click here to listen to NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday broadcasting from Morocco using Report-IT Live over Wi-Fi.

  • Click here to listen to NPR's 'Morning Edition' broadcasting with Report-IT Live over 3G wireless.

  • Click here to listen to NPR's 'All Things Considered' which includes Report-IT inserts sent via FTP.

  • Click here to listen to NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday broadcasting with Report-IT over 3G wireless.

  • Click here to listen to NPR's Martin Kaste who filed a report using Report-IT while skiing!



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